Makram Cherif

Speaks Dutch, English, French and Arabic

Not everyone these days can say that they love what they do, and I count myself lucky to fall into the group that can. I have always loved fitness and sport, and knew I would work in this sector. While my path has shifted and curved through the years, my passion for health and wellbeing has only grown stronger. This is what has led me from training, to physical therapy, to (therapeutic) massage, to yoga instruction. With an endless interest and curiosity around what makes us feel better, there is no telling where my path will lead next.

Wherever it goes, I am sure it will feed into the heart and soul of More Than Fitness, my life’s work to support people in finding happier and healthier lifestyles. I know from my own experience what it is like to push too hard, neglect limits, follow painful fads, and work myself into complete exhaustion. I lifted the heaviest weights and ran the marathons, but I was beat down and tired. Only by living with constant injuries did I realize that “no pain, no gain” was not the definition of fitness, for myself or anyone else.

I realized I needed to approach fitness differently if I wanted to tap back into the energy I’d once had. That is when I started incorporating yoga into my weekly regimen. Through the practice of integrated breath and movement, I became more in-tune with my body, more attuned to my alignment and posture, and more able to balance strength with mobility and flexibility. After a period of serious practice, I felt more wholly fit than ever before, with far less pain. That is what led me to become a personal and professional proponent of workouts balancing strength, flexibility and breath work.

Many people feel the pressure from work, social media, society, friends, family... It is the pressure to always be at our very best – the constant strive to live up to preconceived notions of happiness, beauty, health and success. This pressure comes at a cost, with our health and well-being often the price we pay.


I am truly motivated and inspired to support you in creating balance in your life – a balance between pushing yourself to unleash your best self, and knowing when to be kind and give yourself a break. We get there only by leading a life of awareness, conscious breath, and body/mind connection.



More Than Fitness is located on the 5th floor WestCord Hotel

Olof Palmestraat 2

2616 LM Delft

Tel: 06 410 162 07

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