The benefits of cold therapy

To get comfortable with a new habit or skill in any area of life we need to go through the process of discomfort. We need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Setting a goal or adding a challenge to our daily routine allows us to grow as persons - physically, mentally and emotionally.

After following Wim Hof for a couple of months I got inspired to add cold showers to my morning routine. I started with just 30 seconds and I prolonged it to 5 minutes. To be honest I wasn’t enjoying it at all first, but I kept on doing it. Now, several months later (in January), I stay 8 minutes in 8 degrees water in the canal near to my house. I go almost every day, early in the morning before my family wakes up. It’s still very challenging and that's one of the reasons that keep me going.

Exposure to cold has a lot of physical, as well as mental, benefits. The cold water stimulates our physiology and empowers the body to heal naturally. It increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation or resolves symptoms of depression. Many people around the world have been able to improve their medical condition or relieving their symptoms by cold showers or outdoor swimming in cold water.

My main goal is to find calmness in the water and clear up my mind. I focus on the rhythm of my breath and on the sensation inside my body. In cold water you don’t feel your feet after a while, your hands get numb, your body is shivering but with the trust in your body and the total focus of your mind you will be able to ignore all that. It’s the best form of meditation that I experienced until now!

If you really want to get in touch with your body, or create a sense of wellbeing or just want to increase your mental toughness, I can recommend you to try cold exposure.

How to start?

You need to BELIEVE in it, COMMIT to it and DO it. Like what Einstein sad “ Nothing happens until something starts moving.” So, start the shower warm and gradually turn it colder, once it’s cold stay a little longer than comfortable. From there you increase the time little by little. In the cold water your breathing will become faster, your heart rate will increase and your muscles will tenses up. Stay relaxed by focusing on keeping your breath full and steady. Don’t fight it or force it. Just surrender yourself and you will notice at one point you don’t feel the cold anymore. Like I always say "If it’s easy everybody will do it”.

Good luck and remember; an open mind is a key for change!

Love peace health



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