I'ts not hard to be healthy, to be vital, to be productive, and to have a beautiful body. It's just a choice.

All you have to do is change your mind, change your thinking and allocate all your energy to achieving what you want. If you are ready to make that change to become healthy, vital, productive and happy with who you are,
I'm really inspired to educate you, motivate you and inspire you to get there.


To get the best results, and for your optimum health it is important to care for your physical, mental and spiritual welness. If one is neglected, the entire system will be thrown out of balance.


I will help you with personal training, physical therapy, massages and nutrition. 





I strive for excellence

in what I do each day.

My goal is to educate you, 

to motivate you

and to inspire you

to do the same!



35 years old

Languages: Dutch, English, French and Arabic

Personal Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bachelor Physical Therapist

Certified Massage Therapist

Active Release Technique (ART) certified

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) certified

Selective Functional Movement Assesment (SFMA) certified

Mulligan Concept Practioner



Mijn missie is om je te motiveren, te inspireren en te begeleiden naar het verwezenlijken van je persoonlijke doelen. Ik werk graag met verschillende klanten; van beginner tot gevorderde fitnesser, van amateur sporter tot topsporter. Daarnaast behandel ik patiënten om na een blessure of operatie weer goed te kunnen bewegen en functioneren of zelfs weer te sporten op het oude of hoger niveau. 


Dat bereiken we samen door met plezier en positieve energie te werken aan een goede balans tussen je fysieke, mentale en spirituele elementen. Als we één element onderschatten of verwaarlozen raakt ons systeem in de war. Alleen met de juiste balans komen we tot een gezond, fit en pijnvrij lichaam.


Ik help je graag om je fysieke doelen te bereiken. Door training, massage therapie en/of (voedings)advies. Maar ook door aandacht te besteden aan je mentale en spirituele kanten als dat nodig is. 





2x 55 min. training a week

€ 440 monthly

Medical Fitness Packet



1x 55 min. training a week

€ 240 monthly

Duo Workout /  Couple Training

2 people

€ 80 per 55 min.


Investing in your health is very important if you want to mature healthy, fit and free from disease.


3x 55 min. training a week

€ 600 monthly

Physical Therapy
€ 32 a session ( 25 min.)


Insurance accepted. If you are insured at CZ, OHRA, Delta Lloyd or Zilveren Kruis you have to pay the invoices first by yourself and sent a declaration to your insurance company.


Click here for the intake form



Personal Training Package


Small Group

3-5 people

€ 40 per 55 min. per persoon

€ 160 per 4 weeks (2 times a week = 8x training)

Sport and relaxation massage

25 minutes  €   40

55 minutes  €   70

85 minutes  € 100



Training for live formula gives you a new and effective way to enjoy your workout more and get faster results. I will teach you how to effectivly use your muscles, without using the machines. My workout is based on functional excercises. You use your muscles more efficiently this way. Using this method you work on balance, coordination and strength. You will burn many more calories to help decrease your belly fat. 


Sport Performance: If you are looking for the hightest level of sports performance training, More than Fitness is the right place for you. I work with children ages 9 years and up, professional athletes and with people who are just interested in fitness. My philosopht is simple; get stronger, faster and in better condition. We will also work on you flexibility and balance to decrease the chance of injury.




The modern physical therapist is an allround coach and motivator. In my therapy I do not only focus on the problem or injury, I look to find the cause of the problem and if there is a physical or mental over use of the body. 

I check the lifestyle of the patient, their nutrition, movement, and if they are having quality relaxation time. When we find the problem, we will create a personal plan together to help alleviate you of pain immediately. This will make you more fit and give you more energy.



Massage is a preventative and rehabilitative health care modality. It is preventative in that it addresses emerging pain patterns before they become chronic, and rehabilitative in that it can accelerate recovery from injury or surgical intervention. Massage is ideal for stress reduction, headaches, low back and shoulder pain, fatigue and muscle strain as well as athletic related injuries such as knee, hamstring and ankle strain.




More Than Fitness is located on the 5th floor at the WestCord Hotel in Delft. 
Easy to reach by car (free parking), public transport (bus 80 or 91)

or bike.


WestCord Hotel

Olof Palmestraat 2

2616 LM Delft

+ 31 6 410 162 07


Monday              7.00 - 22.30

Tuesday           14.00 - 22.30

Wednesday        7.00 - 16.00

Thursday          14.00 - 22.30

Friday                 7.00 - 16.00

Saturday             8.00 - 14.00 





Thanks for you interest in More Than Fitness. Please contact me if you have questions or would like to make an appointment. Preferably by using the contactform below. If you prefer to call you can reach me on my cellphone +31 6 41016207 


If you are looking for the intake form for Physical Therapy, click here


© 2015 by Makram Cherif. 


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