More Than Fitness

The name speaks for itself. This is a place that welcomes and challenges people to grow into their most authentic, whole, satisfied selves. You may get fit on the way, but your journey will bring you so much more.

We believe

Life is a continuous lesson in finding balance

The way we spend our days determines how we spend our entire lives


Investing in health and personal development is the most powerful investment in life


Everyone deserves to feel strong and secure, physically and mentally


Everyone needs a peaceful state of mind in order to enjoy life - and the people in it - more fully

This does not happen by accident and takes time, courage and determination


Each individual needs a holistic and personal approach in order to get the best out of him-/herself

We promise

To constantly challenge ourselves to deliver excellent personal service


To inspire and guide you on your journey toward true health and well=being


To take small steps toward sustainable achievements


To care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state

We are

Dedicated professionals, offering the best fitness experience possible.

We combine strength training, cardio and yoga in a unique setting that inspires, supports and challenges you

to transform your body, mind and spirit.