More Than Fitness

The name speaks for itself. This is a place that welcomes and challenges people to grow into their most authentic, whole, satisfied selves. You may get fit on the way, but your journey will bring you so much more.

Our trainers speak Dutch, English, French and Arabic.

Movement Philosophy

The body was designed to move in three-dimensional space. Many modern training programs have lost sight of this truth. We at More Than Fitness do things differently. We help you find ways to move, breathe, and train with efficiency, strength, and mobility. Say goodbye to sitting at machines, moving mindlessly. We will challenge your physical body, stimulate your mind, and encourage your spirit. We will feed you in just the way your body needs, leading you to do more of what you enjoy, with more energy and strength.  



One-on-one and Duo training

Our knowledgeable trainers offer an array of experience to guide you in your journey, wherever you are beginning – or picking back up.

Maybe you are someone looking for a new way to train, a person experimenting with exercise for the first time, a new parent re-entering your fitness routine after a time away, someone recovering from an injury, or simply an individual looking to build more strength and confidence in your workout. No matter who you are, we will support you and challenge you to set realistic and sustainable goals, and expand your limits in a safe and efficient way. 

Prices - € 60 per 55 minutes or buy a package and save up to 20%

Mail or call us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Small group training (max 4 pers.) - Feel the power of the people

Small group training is a great, cost effective way to boost your training regimen.

Training with a group allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who are all set on achieving similar health and fitness goals.

Our small group classes have been carefully designed to suit varying levels of fitness.

All the classes are a mix of Yoga postures, strength training, high intensity training and breath exercises. You will leave the class feeling energized, strong and free of tension.
And small is really small. Our small group training is with a maximum of 4 persons.

Beginner or recovering from an injury?

Mail or call us for more information or to schedule an appointment to get the personal advice you need to safely start with small group training.

The Small Group Training Classes are all based on Cross Yoga

Cross Yoga is a physical and mental training to strengthen your muscles, deepen your flexibility and improve your focus. The classes will challenge your body, mind and spirit. We use strength training and stretching techniques to improve your skeletal and joint health. The addition of Yoga elements allows the body to synchronize breath and body, create a better posture en increase your mental focus. The results are amazing, from inside out. 


Cross Yoga Sweat

Get your heart pumping with this Cross Yoga class for strength and endurance. After a short warm-up, you will move through several sequences of dynamic strength-based exercises, and end with some cool-down stretching. Expect to sweat and leave your mat feeling energized and rejuvenated. 

Cross Yoga Gentle

This slower-paced practice still requires concentration and effort. You will move through a sequence of gentle yoga poses, accessible for everyone, accompanied by some basic strengthening movements to prepare your body for more challenging classes. This is the perfect place to start if you are new to yoga and/or training.


Cross Yoga Rise & Shine

Freshen up your morning with a Cross Yoga class filled with active stretches, heated movements, and energizing breath. When your mind is clear and your body feels strong, you can focus on what really matters.

Cross Yoga Release

In order to find true release, this class focuses on holding poses for a minimum of 90 seconds each. The goal is to target connective tissues (like ligaments, tendons and fascia), delivering increased mobility in your joints, improved flexibility, released tension, and flowing energy throughout the whole body. This class is a perfect complement to your sport or weight lifting classes to prevent injury and speed recovery.

Cross Yoga Core

Go beyond the standard sit-up, and learn how to engage your abdominal muscles with different exercises and poses. You will spend at least 20 minutes targeting different areas of your midsection to build functional strength and hit your abs from diverse angles.


Are you looking for experts to enhance your recovery, eliminate pain, or improve your performance in life or sport?

Our expertise in physiotherapy and other movement therapies enables us to offer a holistic approach that goes beyond a traditional session. We think out of the box, focusing on the source, not the symptom. And we educate through healing.

Next to certified physical therapy, we also offer you yoga, strength and conditioning training, medical training, and massages to help you achieve your desired goals and results. 

€ 32 per appointment (25 minutes)

Mail or call us for more information or to schedule an appointment


Our massages are specifically designed to cater to the athlete, parent, student, or hard-worker who is on the table.

Your massage therapist will help relieve pent up stress and tension, and can also help you to speed your recovery and reduce the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness after your fitness routine or yoga practice. To achieve the best outcome, we use a mixture of sport massage, deep tissue techniques and Thai yoga massage. Combined, these help you stretch your tight muscles, stimulate inactive areas of the body, and improve the condition of the soft tissue.   

€ 40 - 25 min / € 70 - 55 min / € 100 - 85 min

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"I have worked out for 30+ years with many different coaches and trainers so I know how easy it is to get into a "predictable" routine. Makram takes working out to a new level! He is more like a "lifestyle coach" where he not only makes you think about what you do at the gym, but also what you do outsigde the gyn - what you eat, how you sleep, meditation etc. So, the results might start at the gym, but the certainly don't end there. 
It also feels good to have a coach who is not only a trainer, but also a licencesed physiotherpist and masseur ... and someone who is becoming a good friend!


"Makram is awesome. I have been training with him for 6 months now and just love it. His focus is not only on strenght, but also on flexibility and stability. And in conjunction with the training we discuss food and lifestyle in a really personal way. And if that's not enough, he is a qualified physiotherapist! His love for this work is infectious and makes working out with him really fun. Makram really is "More than fitness". He is the whole package.


"Makram is professioneel en begaan in zijn werk en zal er alles aan doen om je daarin mee te krijgen. Zijn proactieve houding en zijn brede kijk maken hem tot een zeer waardevolle trainer/coach, masseur en fysiotherapeut. Hij is energiek, gedreven, enthousiast, betrokken en gaat complexe uitdagingen niet uit de weg.  Makram is een sociaal ingesteld mens die naast vakkennis ook passie heeft voor gezondheid. Hij kan je motiveren en inspireren om het gewenste resultaat te betrekken."